Can you spot the Bug in the code?

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This post is from the third issue of The Trojan’s Wednesday Wisdom newsletter.

Here’s what we will be doing this time:

  1. You’re going to help me in finding the bug in my code.
  2. I will be sharing one mind-blowing python tip with y’all.

So, grab a coffee☕ , and Let’s get started -

🐞 Find The Bug

The first issue of the newsletter started with “Hello World!”. So I decided to print those 2 words using JavaScript by creating functions like this


Find the bug

…except it fails with a runtime error🤷‍♂️.

But what’s going on?🤯

Can you spot the mistake or What’s missing ??


TypeError: (intermediate value)(…) is not a function

📩 Reply to this e-mail if you know what is wrong with this code😉

Meanwhile, let’s do something which works for us i.e Python🐍

💻 howdoi

Stuck on a coding problem?

Need to check Stack Overflow, but don’t want to leave your terminal?

howdoi is a command-line tool made just for that. It gives the answers to all sorts of queries related to programming and coding like getting help in syntax, searching for libraries, resolving errors, etc., while working directly from the command line🔥

Be aware though — It scrapes code from the top answers on Stack Overflow & It might not always be the best information. Also, you need an internet connection for using howdoi.

🤩 It also supports many Optional arguments which might come pretty handy at times :

  • -a, –all display the full text of the answer
  • -l, –link display only the answer link
  • -c, –color enable colorized output
  • -j, –json return answers in raw json format
  • –save, –stash stash a howdoi answer
  • –view view your stash
  • –remove remove an entry in your stash
  • –empty empty your stash
  • -n NUM, –num NUM number of answers to return


how do i for loop in python
how do i undo commits in git

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